Launch Off Your Earnings doing CPA Marketing with FREE Traffic through CPA Rocket.

Module 1: Introduction to CPA Marketing

  •  What is CPA Marketing
  •  What is Content Locking
  •  How CPA Marketing and Content Locking Works

Module 2: Get A Domain Name and Hosting

  •  Get A Domain Name
  •  Get A Hosting Account
  •  Link Domain Name to Hosting Account

Module 3: Setting Up Website

  •  Setting Up CPA Website
  •  Installing Landing Page
  •  Tracking Traffic

Module 4: Finding A Niche

  •  Tool to Find A Niche
  •  What You Will be Content Locking
  •  Add Your Niche to Your CPA Website

Module 5: Creating A Content Locker

  •  Create A Content Locker
  •  Best Way to Setup Your Content Locker

Module 6: Adding A Niche to the Website

  •  Add a Niche to Your Landing Page
  •  Adding A Content Locker to Your Niche
  •  Important Website Settings

Module 7: Driving Traffic to Your CPA Website

  •  Setting Up Your Traffic Source
  •  Create A Content Locker For Your Traffic Source
  •  Type Of Content to Create

Module 8: Earnings and Analytics

  •  How Much Traffic I got to my CPA Website
  •  Showing My Traffic Source
  •  How Much I Earned from My Traffic