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Crush it With CPA Affiliate Marketing!

This is a 8 Modules CPA Affiliate Marketing Course. Here is a preview of 3 Modules.

The Fastest Way for you to Profit With CPA Marketing!

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What You'll Discover in this 8-Part Course:

Introduction to CPA Marketing

This module will cover what is CPA marketing and content locking as well as how they work.

Get Hosting and a Domain Name

This module will help you to get a domain name and setup a hosting account. You will also learn to link your domain name to your hosting account.

Setting Up Website

This module will show you how to setup a CPA Website and installing a landing page as well as how to track your traffic.

Finding A Niche

This module will show you the tools I use to find my niche as well as the content you will be adding to your CPA website.

Creating A Content Locker

This module will cover how to create a content locker and the best way to setup your content locker.

Adding A Niche to the Website

This module will go over adding a niche to your landing page, adding a content locker to your niche and some important website settings.

Driving Traffic to Your CPA Website

This module goes over setting up your traffic source, creating a content locker for your traffic source and the type of content to create.

Earnings and Analytics

This module will show you how much traffic I got to my personal CPA Website, my traffic source and how much I earned.

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