Flipping Instagram Accounts 

 December 20, 2019

By  deron

In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to make money by flipping Instagram accounts.

In fact:

This is a payment I received for an Instagram account I flipped a while back.

In order to flip an Instagram account.

You first have to grow that Instagram account to a certain amount of followers…

… and at least have some good engagement on the account, in order to get the best offer for it.

If you aren’t able to grow an account from scratch…

which I recently showed in how to grow your Instagram account.

You can buy an account with decent stats…

… which you can then take and use the different Instagram growth strategies to keep it growing.

Once you have grown it to a higher follower count and the engagement has increased.

You can then resell it for a higher price.

In a nutshell, that’s the concept of flipping Instagram accounts.

Finding Instagram Pages to Flip

You want to go to the Instagram explore page.

Once you find an Instagram page, you would like to purchase…

… send a message to the account, letting them know you are interested in buying their page.

I suggest keeping the maximum you are willing to purchase the account for at $500.

Pro Tip: Find accounts between 10,000 to 60,000 followers that are getting really good engagement. If their post is hitting the explore page, that’s amazing. These are the pages you want to purchase.

Once you bought the Instagram page…

… and you have grown it over time using the different strategies…

then it’s time to find buyers.

Finding Buyers for your Pages

Truth be told.

Finding buyers is not the hard part when flipping Instagram accounts.

The hard part is actually finding legit buyers…

… and not people that are trying to scam you out of your account.

Tips to protect yourself from getting scammed:

  • If you are using Paypal when buying, make sure to send your payment through goods and services.
  • If you are the seller, do not send the buyer your Instagram Account login details without receiving the money.
  • Find a trusted middle man.

Who is a middle man you may be wondering?

A middle man is a person that is going to regulate the transaction between the buyer and the seller to ensure that the transaction is done correctly and fairly.

If your page has a good amount of followers…

… and you are getting good engagement on your account…

… then you can expect to receive messages from people offering to buy your page.

In fact:

That’s how I sold one of my pages that had really great engagement and over 17,000+ followers.

Best Places to Sell your Instagram Accounts

If you want to flip an account fast…

…. and you can’t bother to wait for messages with offers.

These are the best places to list your accounts for sale:


I have listed accounts on FameSwap and I’ve received a number of offers.

Fun fact:

I sold an account for $300 to someone that sent me an offer through direct messages.

A month later…

I was offered $500 for that same account…

… on FameSwap!

Fameswap offers I received on an Instagram Account

So I missed out on an extra $200.

FameSwap is one of the safest and the best places for flipping Instagram accounts…

… because they use escrow to complete transactions.


I have sold multiple accounts through Telegram.

You want to find groups that are dedicated to flipping Instagram accounts…

… which can be done by searching Insta Market on Telegram.

Once you join these groups…

… you can go ahead and post your accounts.

These groups usually have their own rules and the format in which they want…

… you to list your account.

After listing your account, you should expect to start receiving personal messages…

… from persons that are interested.

Once you have someone that is willing to purchase.

You can proceed with the transaction…

… and that’s how you flip Instagram accounts.

If you have an account that’s growing and you want to keep it…

… but you still want to make some money from it.

You don’t have to flip it, you can monetize it by doing Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank.

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