July 14

How to Get Paid on OGAds: Payment Settings


So, you are now starting to make money from OGAds and…

… you want to transfer your earnings from your OGAds account to your bank account.

In this post, I will be showing you how to set up your payment settings on OGAds to start getting paid.

Navigating to Payments on OGAds

Once, you are logged into your OGAds account and you are on your dashboard. The first thing you want to do is go to payments.


You will then go to Tipalti settings.

Tipalti Settings

Entering your Payment Details on OGAds

This is where you will be entering your address as it appears on your bank record, your payment method, and setting up your tax form.

Setting up your Address, Payment Method, and Tax Forms on OGAds

You then want to click on edit to enter your information.

Edit Tipalti Details

You can choose your account type to be Individual or Company, then you want to fill out your address information as it matches your bank record.

Then select Next.

Enter your Address as it Matches your Bank Record

Types Of OGAds Payment Method

After selecting Next, you will be taken to your payment method details.

Choose your Payment Method on OGAds

You can get paid through OGAds different methods: Wire Transfer, Paypal, and Payoneer.

If you don’t have any of these payment options set up as yet.

Then you can choose to Hold your Payments.

Wire Transfer Payment on OGAds

If you choose to get paid through Wire Transfer then these are the details you will need to enter, agree to the Terms of service then select Next.

That’s if this is the payment method you choose to get paid by on OGAds.

Wire Transfer Details to Enter into OGAds for Payment

✅ The minimum threshold to get paid through Wire Transfer on OGAds is USD $500.00 , where you will be required to pay USD $25.00 in wire transactions fee, also a 2.5% foreign exchange fee may apply.

Paypal Payment on OGAds

The next payment option, you can be paid by on OGAds is Paypal.

If you choose to be paid on through Paypal, then you are required to just enter your email address along with your First and Last Name as it appears on your Paypal.

So, if Paypal is the method through which you decide to get paid then you can agree to the terms of service and select next.

Paypal Details you have to Enter to get Paid on OGAds

✅ The minimum threshold to get paid through Paypal is USD $50.00, where you will be required to pay a fee of USD $1.00.

A foreign exchange fee of 2.5% may apply.

Payoneer Payment on OGAds

Then there is the payment method that I currently use to get paid on OGAds, and that’s Payoneer.

If you choose to be paid through Payoneer, then you will need to login into your Payoneer account from here.

Now, if you decide to go with Payoneer as your payment method then you can agree to the terms of service and then select next.

Payoneer Details to Enter to get paid through OGAds

✅ The minimum threshold to get paid through Payoneer is USD $50.00, where you will be required to pay a fee of USD $3.00.

Payoneer transactions fee may apply.

Crypto Payment on OGAds

The final method that you can choose to be paid is through CryptoCurrency specifically USDC, which is considered to be a stable coin.

Now, not all affiliates are eligible for crypto payments.

In order to be paid through crypto on OGAds:

  • You will need to have received at least one payment from the US in the past 90 days. You should receive this payment from one of the other payment methods.
  • You have an invoice that is above $100.
  • Your invoice is due for payment.

Once you meet these requirements, you will need to find the invoice.

The invoice can be located under Payments.

Then you want to select Actions.

Select Actions to be paid through CryptoCurrency on OGAds

After selecting Actions, you want to Request Crypto Payment.

Requesting Crypto Payment on OGAds Invoice

✅ The fee to receive payment in USDC is $15.00.

Your payment request should be made by Monday at 10 am in order for your payment to process that week.

Otherwise, your payment will be delayed until the following Monday.

✅ Make sure that when you are entering the wallet address to be paid in USDC, it is entered correctly.

OGAds is not responsible if you entered the incorrect wallet address, as that is your responsibility.

OGAds Invoices

💵 OGAds invoices are generated on a Net 7 or Net 30 Basis. Net 7 invoices are created by the end of Tuesday while net 30 invoices are created within 48 business hours at the end of the month.

By default, your invoice will be generated on a Net 30 basis. In order for your invoices to be generated on a Net 7 basis, you will need to make USD $500.00 within a month.

At that point, you can contact your Affiliate Manager to be placed on a Net 7 basis.

Your Net 30 invoice will be paid on the last day of the following month unless it is a holiday or a weekend.

In that case, your net 30 invoices will be paid on the next business day.

So your earnings throughout November would be paid out at the end of December.

Net 7 invoices will be paid every Monday unless it is a holiday.

In the case of a holiday, your net 7 invoices will be paid on the next business day.

OGAds Invoice Earnings
OGAds Net 7 Invoice


In conclusion, this is how you set up your OGAds payment settings to start receiving your OGAds earnings to your bank account.

Here is a weekly payment I received from my OGAds account to my Payoneer Bank Account.

Showcasing OGAds Payoneer Payment
Payment from OGAds to my Payoneer Bank Account


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