How I Made $154.37 On Clickbank With Instagram in One Day 

 May 8, 2021

By  deron

Are you ready to see the exact Step by Step method of how I made $154.37 in one day on Clickbank, with Instagram-free traffic?


Here is the video report of the breakdown of $154.37, I made on that day…

Clickbank report of $154.37 in one day

The Product I Chose

You might be wondering…

What product did I choose to promote to make me this amount in one day?

Drum-roll, please…

So, the Astrotarot reading was the product chosen, which can be found in the Spirituality niche.

Being that my Instagram page was already in this niche

This was the best option, along with the fact that…

… this product was performing really great for many affiliates as reflected by the gravity.

AstroTatot Clickbank Product that I promoted

My Instagram Page

You might be thinking, this Instagram page must be huge…

… to make $154.37 in one day.

Well, surprise!

It’s not, in fact:

this Instagram page has a little over 2000 followers…

… so not to worry if you are just starting out your Instagram page.

You don’t need to have the most followers in order to make sales.

If you are just starting out on Instagram, then you can check out…

how I go about setting up my Instagram Theme pages to get your page properly set up and ready to make sales.

My Method of Promotion

What I used to promote this offer was really simple, I used Instagram DMs.

Whenever I received a new follower, I would send an introductory message, letting them know what my page is about and what they can expect to receive when they follow my page.

Once they respond to my introductory message, I’d send a DM letting them know about the product.

This product has a freebie, so I’d offer them the freebie. When they receive the free offer, they are then introduced to the main product after completing the free offer.

This is where they can now purchase the product in which I will receive a commission once they purchase.

Once they purchase the first product, there are upsells promoting other products related to this product. This is how I was able to make $154.37 from selling this one product.

They purchased the main product for $35.17 and then they went on to purchase 5 more products in upsells which came up to a total of $154.37 in commissions

If you want more information on setting up your Instagram account to start promoting Clickbank products then check out Clickbank Affiliate Marketing with Instagram.

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