How to Make Money On Instagram with Clickbank 

 May 20, 2022

By  deron

Ready to monetize your Instagram account with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?


In fact:

This is a report of some of my earnings from one of my Instagram Accounts…

.. monetized with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.

Clickbank Earnings Transactions

Getting Started with Clickbank

Getting started with Clickbank is very easy…

You can go to Clickbank to Create an Account

… and get it set up in less than 10 minutes.

Once you have the Clickbank account set up, you want to go to the Marketplace.

Clickbank Marketplace

Then you want to find a product that you want to promote…

… on your Instagram account.

So, let’s say you want to promote a product in the Spirituality niche.

you will go to the spirituality category and find a spirituality product…

… that you want to promote.

Clickbank Numerologist Product

Let’s say you chose to promote this Numerologist offer which is a Spirituality product.

For every sale you get on this product, you make $13.24 in commission.

These lower ticket products perform the best on Instagram.

So when choosing a product to promote on Instagram from Clickbank.

It’s always better to go with the lower ticket products.

Creating Your Instagram Account

You will then have to create an Instagram account around the spirituality niche.

Here is an example of what an Instagram account created to promote this product would look like.

Instagram Account that Promote Clickbank Spiritual Products

I already showed in a previous post how to set up your Instagram account.

Once your account is set up…

… you want to click promote on the Clickbank product.

You will then have access to your affiliate link to start promoting the product.

Setting up Clickbank HopLink

Setting up your Landing Page

You can then take your affiliate link and shorten it using bitly.

Then take the shortened link and add it to your Instagram bio.

That is only if, you don’t have a Landing page.

Pro tip: Even though you can shorten your product affiliate link with bitly and add it to your bio. I usually suggest adding the affiliate link to a landing page, then adding the link to your landing page in your bio.

For starters, you can use Linktree to create a simple landing page…

… but as your page grows, I suggest you host your own custom landing page.

This increases the legitimacy of your brand which in return boosts your conversion rate.

Here is an example of the custom landing page I’d use for the Spirituality Instagram page…

promoting the Numerologist Clickbank product.

Once you have your page set up and your affiliate link in your bio.

You just want to focus on growing your Instagram account…

… with the different Instagram growth strategies.

Pro tip: One of the best ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link in your bio, is through Instagram DMs.

As Yo Gotti say, “it goes down in the DM”.

If you have all of this done then you are ready to start making some affiliate commissions …

from your Instagram account, even if you are a beginner.

Now it’s your Turn

There you have it: a guide to monetizing your Instagram Account with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.

I hope you make the best use of it…

… and go out there and make some sales.

Feel free to come back and let me know by leaving a comment, how your Instagram account and Clickbank have been performing.

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