Free CPA Marketing Landing Pages: Content Locking 

 December 26, 2022

By  deron

Do you want to Start Making Money with CPA Marketing, but you have no CPA Marketing Landing page to use?

This post will show you how to get free CPA Marketing Landing pages.

You will be using these CPA Landing pages with different CPA networks such as OGAds, CPAGrip, and CPALead.

Types of CPA Landing Pages

There are different types of CPA Landing Pages to use when promoting CPA offers or your Content Locker.

You can use Gaming, Gift Card, and even customized landing pages for any niche.

In this post, I will give you Gaming and Giftcard landing pages that you can use as a Content Locking Landing page.

If you have HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge, you can customize your own CPA Landing page for almost any niche.

Gaming Landing Page

You will use this kind of landing page if you decide to go in the gaming niche.

For almost any game, you can use this as a Content Locking Landing page.

You can customize this landing page to fit almost any game if you have basic HTML skills.

Then you will be able to content lock any games.

This is one of the best free CPA Landing Pages if you want to increase your conversion rate.

This is a Gaming CPA Landing Page that can be used for any CPA Network.

Gift Card Landing Page

If you have gift codes that you want to lock using a gift card landing page.

Then this is the perfect CPA Landing page for you, and it’s also free.

This gift card landing page comes with a few gift cards that you can content lock.

This includes Google Play, Xbox, Steam, Playstation, Spotify, iTunes, Paypal, and Amazon Giftcards.

This is a Giftcard Landing Page for Content Locking

AppStore Landing Page

If you have premium apps that you want to content lock, then the AppStore landing page is the perfect CPA Landing page for you.

In this video, I will show you how to add apps and your content locker to this Appstore Landing Page.

This is one of the best AppStore landing pages as it is not saturated.

This is an Appstore CPA Landing Page
Appstore Landing Page


So here you have two types of free CPA Marketing Landing Pages you can use to start content locking.

With these CPA marketing landing pages, you can expect an increase in your conversion rate.

If you don’t know how to host these CPA landing pages, then check out how to host a CPA Landing page.

Now, if you don’t have an OGAds account to start using these CPA Landing pages and content locker, then here is how to approve your OGAds account.

This post will constantly be updated with new types of Content Locking CPA Landing pages.

So stay connected with us through our social media accounts, such as Instagram, to know when they are new CPA Marketing Landing Pages added.

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