How to Get Approved On OGAds: Sign Up for OGAds 

 September 17, 2022

By  deron

Are you ready to start making money online doing content-locking CPA Marketing on OGAds?

But you don’t have an OGAds account?

No worries…

This post will show you how to get approved on OGAds.

This way, you can start making money online through one of the best CPA networks in OGAds.

You will receive an email from OGAds once your account is approved.

What is OGads?

OGAds is the leading Mobile and Desktop content locking network offering the best mobile content locker in the content locking industry.

With OGAds’ profit-generating content locker, you can easily monetize your website, blog, app, or social network profiles.

Having know what OGAds is.

Let’s learn how to get started with OGAds.

How to Sign Up for OGAds

To register for your OGAds account, go to OGAds.com and click on Sign Up.

Signing Up on OGAds

You will then be taken to the OGAds register page.

From here, you will submit your username, email, and password.

Then move on to the next step.

Registering for an OGAds account

The next step will require you to enter your first name, last name, address, city, region, postal code and country.

Then proceed to the next step

the next step to registering your OGAds account.

This third step is crucial as this is where the questions will be asked, which will determine whether you are approved.

So, let’s get into some of the questions you will be asked…

… and how to go about answering these questions.

How to Get Approved for OGAds Easily

Remember that you should answer these questions truthfully with enough details from the information provided in this article and my other OGAds related articles.

OGAds is a big target for fraud, so they are cautious with who they let into their network.

This is done to maintain the quality of their offers.

Questions asked by OGAds:

These are the questions you will be asked by OGAds.

Make sure your grammar is on point when answering these questions.

If you don’t have the best grammar, I suggest using Grammarly to check your grammar when answering these questions.

general information Questions to answer on OGAds

Why do you want to work with OGAds?

This is where you will explain why you think OGAds is the best content-locking network for your traffic.

If you have read this article carefully, you should be able to answer this question easily.

How did you hear about OGAds?

This is where you will let OGAds know where you heard about their CPA network.

For some people, it might be this website since I have covered other OGAds topics.

It might be from an internet marketing forum, a youtube video, or even a friend.

If it’s from a Youtube video, you want to link that Youtube video.

If it’s from an internet marketing forum, mention the forum’s name.

You don’t want to say just a forum or just Youtube.

Likewise, a friend, ask your friend for their ID# and mention it.

Be as detailed as possible.

How long have you been doing CPA?

This is straight forward.

You want to say how long you have been doing CPA marketing.

If you are new to CPA marketing…

… no worries.

This is where you want to show them that you still know what you are doing by answering the other questions with enough details.

What are your monthly earnings?

This is where you will enter your monthly earnings, which should correspond with the previous question of how long you have been doing CPA.

The options are as follows:

  • Under $100
  • $100 to $250
  • $250 to $500
  • $500 to $1K
  • $1K to $5K
  • $5K to $10K
  • Over $10K

If you haven’t made much money from CPA Marketing as yet.

You can register for CPAGrip, which doesn’t require much approval.

My CPAGrip Account with Content Locker

Start making some money from CPAGrip content locker.

That way, you can show you have made some money from content locking before.

This will, in return, boost your chances of getting approved.

Then you want to take a screenshot of these images of traffic you have sent to this network…

…and money you have made, and you can upload these images to Imgur.com.

Then inside of your application, you can add a link to these images to show you have made money with CPA Marketing and content locking before.

Not to worry if you don’t want to go through that process.

You can still be approved without that.

Please list previous network you have worked with

I just suggested one network that you can quickly be approved for, such as CPAGrip.

There is also CPALead.

You can sign up for these networks before applying for OGAds.

That way, you can gain some experience with the different CPA Networks.

Not only experience, but also try sending your traffic to their content lockers.

Again, this will improve your chances of getting your OGAds account approved.

The following questions you will need to answer are about your traffic sources.

This is where stuff becomes a bit more technical.

But no worries…

… stay with me, and you should be comfortable going through your registration process.

Traffic sources questions

How do you plan to promote our offers and monetization tools?

This is where you will explain how you are going promote OGAds content locker.

Now there are many ways you can promote OGAds content locker.

I went over ways you can promote OGAds content locker in How to Make Money with OGAds.

This includes setting up an Instagram account in a specific niche.

And not only do you want to set up an Instagram account.

You want to set up a Facebook page, Tiktok Account, Twitter Account, Snapchat Account, and even a Youtube Channel.

When starting out, I recommend you keep all these accounts in the same niche.

Also, don’t just leave these social media accounts blank with only a username.

Full out your profile information, start posting niche-related content, and build a following in your niche.

Next, you want to add your website with your landing page in the bio of these social media accounts you created.

This is needed to answer the following question.

List your current content locking websites you own

You want to get a custom domain name

… and also web hosting.

You can host your CPA and content-locking landing pages with a custom domain name.

You can get free CPA Landing pages from here to host on your domain name.

This shows you are serious about being a part of OGAds and promoting their offers.

Remember, previously, in the question to list the previous network you have worked with; I mentioned other networks such as CPAGrip and CPALead.

You want to register for one of those networks.

This will allow you to create a content locker and add it to your CPA Landing page, which will be on your website.

This will boost your chance of getting approved as it shows that you have some experience hosting a CPA landing with a content locker.

You can now comfortably answer this question since you now own a website.

What kind of traffic do you primarily promote?

Now the type of traffic you can typically have are Incent, Non-Incent, Survey, Display, PPC, and All Kinds of traffic, which means a mixture of traffic.

Types of Traffic

Incent traffic is where you are driving traffic to your content locker or CPA Landing page and rewarding your traffic for completing offers.

Non-Incent traffic is where you are driving traffic to your CPA Marketing landing page or content locker for users to complete offers without a reward.

Survey traffic is where you are letting the users complete a survey before being taken to your CPA Landing page or content locker.

Display traffic is where you display ads through an ad network such as Google Ads on a website to drive traffic to your CPA Landing page or content locker.

There is also Social Media or SEO traffic.

These types of traffic are free traffic sources where you promote your offers through content on your social media accounts or a blog.

This is a form of Content traffic.

Then there is paid traffic such as PPC Ads or Pay per click Advertising.

This traffic is usually with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, or Tiktok Ads.

So, if you have a CPA Landing page and social media accounts set up.

Then you are usually going for free traffic.

Explaining your traffic source on OGAds application

If on your application, you say you will run PPC ads as traffic

Then ensure that you set up a Facebook or Google Ad account…

Start running traffic to your CPA Landing page with the content locker from one of the other CPA networks.

Please take a few screenshots of your ad account promoting these offers and upload them to Imgur.com.

Then add a link to these images in your application.

This will boost your chance of being approved as this shows that you are legitimate in promoting OGAds offers and content locker.

Now you don’t have to go through the paid advertising process; you can show you are using free traffic, and that should be good enough, as that’s what I did.

Once you answer these questions, you will move on to the promotional social accounts section of the application.

promotional Accounts for OGAds content locker

If you were carefully reading this post, I told you to make sure you create your social media accounts for your niche and build up a following.

So by the time you are at this part of the application…

… you should have your social media accounts set up and ready to go.

Enter your social media accounts without the @, and move on to the final question, which is your contact information.

Contact information for OGAds to contact you

Enter your contact information such as your Phone Number, Skype, Kik, and Telegram.

This is in case they want to get in touch with you based on something you wrote on your application.

Next step is agreeing to the terms and conditions and by clicking Finish your application is submitted.

confirm OGAds Application

Once your application is submitted, you should receive a response in a few days if you are approved or not.

If you follow this post carefully, you will most likely be approved.

Changes Made to OGAds Approval Application

OGAds have made recent changes to some of the application questions, but this article will still help you with your application process to get accepted.

If you are still not sure and want to see my exact answers to these questions, then I suggest you grab the Ultimate OGAds Approval Guide.

This Guide also comes with one of the best Landing Page, for content locking multiple niches.

If your OGAds application have been denied

Now, if you have not been approved you will receive an email stating that your application had been denied.

OGAds Denied

If your OGAds account has been denied, which should not be the case if you carefully followed this post.

You can contact your affiliate manager on Skype where he will manually review your account by asking you a few questions.

You should be able to answer these questions if you go through this whole post and have your OGAds account approved.

Another email you can receive if you are denied.

OGAds denied account

If this is the case, you will need to send an email to the OGAds accounts email address that can be found in the email.

After sending this email, as stated before you will be required to answer a few questions before getting approved.

How do OGAds Work?

Now that you are approved, you might wonder how OGAds work?

App developers and large companies want to promote and drive traffic to their products.

So as consumers, we buy their products or download their apps.

Our task as a CPA Marketers is to drive traffic to these companies’ CPA Marketing campaigns…

… and in return, we get paid!

Sounds incredible, right?

Now you understand how OGAds work, you can start Making Money on OGAds.

Conclusion: My Personal Experience with OGAds Approval Process

After applying for OGAds, my account approval process was smooth.

I followed all the details I mentioned in this post.

Created all social media accounts and purchased a custom domain name and hosting for my CPA Landing Page.

Then I submitted all this information and explained how I would promote their offers.

I was approved in a day, to be exact.

How long it takes to be approved on OGAds

I did not have much experience with CPA Marketing during this time, but I had experience with Affiliate marketing with free traffic as well as SEO.

This gave me the information and experience I needed to be approved on OGAds.

Now, I have experience with Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing.

I am now sharing my experiences with you so that you can have your OGAds account approved.

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