How to Make Make Money with MaxBounty: CPA Marketing 

 September 21, 2022

By  deron

Have you been trying to make money with MaxBounty…

… but you keep coming across methods that are outdated and don’t work?

Now, you will learn how to make money with MaxBounty and CPA Marketing…

That still works and will continue to work for years to come.

This method is easy and very scalable and can be set up in less than a day to start seeing a profit.

In fact:

These are some of my earnings from the offer that I promoted.

leads I received from a MaxBounty offer

Now that you see some of my earnings with this method.

I will show you everything you need to execute this method.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing, also known as cost-per-action marketing, is where you receive a commission when a user takes a specific action.

These actions include email submission, signing up for a trial, or downloading apps.

But before you can do CPA Marketing, you must find a CPA Marketing Network.

I came across MaxBounty while searching through forums for the best CPA Networks.

MaxBounty was one of the most popular and common CPA networks recommended among most internet marketers.

How MaxBounty Work?

MaxBounty is a CPA (Cost Per Action) Network where advertisers want to put their CPA offers in front of consumers.

So as consumers, we complete their offers by filling in our email or purchasing their products and services.

As a CPA Marketer for MaxBounty, your task is to drive traffic to these CPA offers…

You receive a commission each time someone from your traffic completes a CPA offer.

Here is what a CPA offer from MaxBounty looks like.

an email Submit CPA offer from MaxBounty

This CPA offer converts whenever someone submits their email address.

You also see the types of traffic sources that you can send to this offer.

Not all CPA offer accept all types of traffic sources.

So, for your traffic to convert and to make money with maxbounty.

You must ensure you are sending the right traffic to the offer.

But before you can start promoting MaxBounty CPA offers, of course, you must first be apart of MaxBounty.

Starting with MaxBounty

Signing Up to MaxBounty is free and doesn’t even require a website to get approved.

MaxBounty Registartion Page

However, if you want your MaxBounty account to be accepted, you must have a good method for promoting their offers.

You can then describe how you will market these CPA offers during registration.

After reading this post, you will have a complete strategy for promoting these offers.

After being approved, you will receive an approval email from your Affiliate Manager.

Approval Email from MaxBounty

After being Approved into MaxBounty

Once you have registered and had your account approved.

The first step to using MaxBounty to make money online has already been done.

You can now log in and start checking out the MaxBounty Dashboard.

This will be your favorite part of MaxBounty.

Why? You may be wondering.

Because this is where you can see how much you have earned.

Choosing a MaxBounty offer to Promote

Once you are logged in to your MaxBounty account.

There will be a lot of great offers to choose from that you can promote.

MaxBounty offers to promote

The offer that we will be promoting for this method is an offer for Amazon Prime for a year.

Amazon Prime for a Year SOI offer

This offer is an SOI offer which means for it to convert into a lead, all that is required is an email submission.

more information about the Amazon Prime offer

The cap for this offer is 100 actions per day, which means you can only receive 100 email submissions.

For each email submitted, you will be paid $2.50, and only persons in the United States are allowed to complete this offer.

This means you can make $250 per day promoting this MaxBounty offer.

You can reach out to your affiliate manager to increase the cap on this offer if you can push more traffic.

Tracking your Clicks and Leads on MaxBounty

Once you find the offer, you want to get your tracking link.

This is how MaxBounty will track your clicks and leads for this offer.

Building tracking link on MaxBounty offer

After building the tracking link.

This is what your tracking link will look like.

You want to select the type of traffic you will be sending, which for this method should be social, and for creative should be a raw link.

setting up criteria for tracking link on MaxBounty offer

Earnings Report promoting this offer

This is a report of just one promotion for this offer where I paid $10.

As you can see, from this $10 promotion, I made a total of $20.

Meaning I made a 100% profit; this is what you will be replicating on multiple pages.

Traffic Source to Promote this MaxBounty offer

Here is the exact conversation I had to get this promotion going.

So, the traffic source we are using for this offer is Instagram.

You want to reach out to an Instagram account in your chosen niche.

For me, this was Among Us.

business inquires DM on Instagram

You don’t have to choose the same niche; there are plenty of niches you can go for.

You just need to be creative.

When choosing an Instagram account to promote your offer, you want to ask for their page geo statistics.

Geo statistics for Instagram Account

This is done to ensure that their top geo is a part of the countries allowed for the offer that you are promoting.

You also want to try to get the lowest price possible for the promotion so you can maximize your profit.

Getting the best price possible for promotion.

Not only can you ask other Instagram accounts for promotion.

You can build up your own Instagram account and promote your MaxBounty CPA offers using these Instagram growth strategies.

The Landing Page for the offer

Now that you have your tracking link.

You will need to add this link to your Landing page, where you will be directing your traffic.

Landing page was used to promote this offer.

This is the landing page that was used for this method.

After downloading this file, you will need to get a domain name and hosting.

This way, you can host this landing page.

Get a Custom Domain and Hosting

Having a custom domain name is essential.

It gives the offer you are promoting a lot more credibility.

Then it would help if you got a hosting package.

To get hosting, go to Hostgator.com, and the plan that I would recommend for this method is the Hatchling plan.

Hatchling Plan for Hostgator

If you are planning to host multiple landing page.

Then you could look into getting the Baby Plan.

After selecting a plan, you want to choose a domain name.

You want to get something easy to remember.

It doesn’t have to be the offer you are promoting.

I recommend keeping it general in case you want to promote other offers.

Purchasing a Domain Name

After choosing a domain name and going through the payment section for your hosting.

You want to log in to your portal with your info at Hostgator Portal.

Launching cPanel from Hostgator

From here, you will get to your cPanel, where we can upload the Landing Page for the MaxBounty offer we will be promoting.

Select File Manager

Setting up the Landing Page

After going to the file manager, you want to upload the landing page.

Going to public_html

Then you want to upload the landing page.

upload Landing Page

Select the zip file that you downloaded with the landing page.

select the file with the landing page

The zip file with your landing page will be uploaded to your cPanel.

Now that’s it’s uploaded, you want to extract it.

extract zip file with landing page

After extracting the zip file, you can view your landing page using your domain name.

extractExtract zip file with landing page to public_html

Adding CPA offer link to your Landing Page

Once you extracted the zip file with the landing page.

There should now be an index.html file.

edit CPA Landing Page to add your CPA Link

You will then edit this index.html file by removing the tracking link that’s currently there.

Then replace it with the one that you built in MaxBounty.

adding CPA offer link from MaxBounty to CPA Landing Page

Once you replace the old link with your new CPA offer link that you built.

You want to save changes.

Save changes with the new CPA link added

Now you have your landing page on your domain name with your tracking link ready to be promoted.

Creating the Ad to promote the CPA offer

In order to drive traffic to your landing page, you will need to have a good ad creative.

Here is the exact ad that I use for this method.

Ad to promote CPA offer on MaxBounty

This ad will be in the zip file you downloaded with the landing page.

Designing an Ad for a CPA offer

Designing an ad requires images and a photo editing tool such as Canva.

So, you can choose to promote this same offer and add your spin using other games in the design.

Start Promoting your CPA Landing Page

Your domain name, landing page, and your ad are ready.

It’s time to start promoting.

You want to find pages that are in your niche.

Here are some of the direct messages with few of the pages that I promoted on.

first DM I sent

This is another direct message I sent.

second DM sent for promotion

Making Payment for CPA offer Promotion

After negotiating with the Instagram account on the cost of the promotion.

You want to ensure that you make payments through paypal goods and services.

This will give you buyers protection.

payment for CPA offer promotion


So, there it is.

Here is a video of the earnings report after I promoted the offer on one page.

There were some other MaxBounty offers I was also promoting using this method.

MaxBounty offers I was promoting

Now one page might not make you the most money, but what if you take this and replicate it on 3 – 5 pages each day continuously throughout the week?

You will see a lot more earnings on the MaxBounty offer.

New people join Instagram daily, and these pages continue to build up more followers.

This means, they are always going to be new persons to complete this offer.

Why not go out and start promoting to gain leads?

I am sure you will get some results you will be excited to see.

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